Adventures in Etiquette

Does your student know which fork to use or what to do with that napkin?  Can they initiate a social conversation with confidence?  Then Adventures in Etiquette can help.

etiquette instructionThis 5-week program will provide students with the confidence to navigate successfully in social and dining situations now and throughout their lives.

The final week will  culminate with a 5-course meal at a fine dining restaurant where students can practice their new skills.   A corsage or boutonniere for each student is included with the meal.

Students will have a FUN hands on experience while PRACTICING:

  • Table Manners and Restaurant Behavior
  • Setting a Table
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Conversation and Listening Skills
  • Shaking Hands with Confidence
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Cellphone Use in Social Situations

Make a Reservation or Contact Janis Encapera  at 443.562.7374 for more information or email us here